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Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants. The Number One Tool in the War Against Superbugs

If bacterias are becoming immune to antibiotics, then our best hope is to prevent their spread. If bacteria is spread by contact, it only makes sense to eradicate and kill it wherever the point of contact is – notably, the hands.

Today's sanitizer technology is moving at a rapid pace. Learn how one company, Aphex BioCleanse Systems leading the charge.

Aphex BioCleanse appears to have broken to code, to eradicating these bugs, on surfaces and hands – the most common way they are spread. In our opinion, the best way to reduce the spread and protect yourself in an increasingly dangerous world is by maintaining a clean environment both at home and in hospital settings

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Shark Tanks’ Kevin Harrington Gets Into Sanitizer Business.

Aphex BioCleanse Systems Welcomes Original Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington and World-Renowned Entrepreneur Mark Timm as Advisors PITTSFORD, N.Y. , Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. (OTCPK: SNST) (“Aphex” or “the Company”) , a sanitization...

Tito’s Vodka is Giving Away Hand Sanitizer!

GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Tito's Vodka has been doing what it can to give back during the COVID-19 crisis by providing hand sanitizer to frontline workers all over the country. Now it's focusing on the Phoenix community. Tito's will be giving away 27,000 bottles...
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Think Twice Before Using Bleach to Sanitize.

Below, probably one of the most amusing videos we've watched in the sanitization business. Bleach is so toxic it's recommended to use goggles, a mask, and rubber gloves when using. And unlike in the video, one SHOULD NOT spray leather chairs with Bleach!

GlanHealth Launches New Line.

SALES CONTRACTS PROCURED WITH MULTI-NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS AND PROMINENT CUSTOMERS FOR ITS COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT LINE Dalrada Health Products, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalrada Financial Corp. (OTC Pink: DFCO) is pleased to announce its official launch of GlanHealth, a comprehensive product...

Can a Candle or Even Static Electricity Flame Up Hand Sanitizer?

Mother and Child Burnt in Separate Incidents. Good Morning America: New Hand Sanitizer Warning After Texas Mom Alleges Serious Burns. https://youtu.be/U6-ZbhAZssg ABC News: Hand Sanitizer Fire: Little Girl Burned.

New Contaminant Warnings Added to the FDA List.

Hand sanitizer recall: A new contaminant warning (1-Porpanol) as more products added to the FDA list (KRON4). The Food and Drug Administration continues to add hand sanitizers to a list of products that should be avoided after they tested positive for methanol and...

Clorox and P&G Struggle to Meet COVID-19-Related Spike in Demand (MarketWatch).

Clorox shares have soared more than 54% for the year to date, an increase of $11.5 billion to $29.5 billion. “Today, the run rate is now in the couple hundred million dollar range, which is more than we expected at the time we launched.”
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Aphex BioCleanse Systems Inc, Expands Production at its New Manufacturing Location in Port Richey...

Aphex BioCleanse Systems Inc, (SNST), continuing to expand production at its new manufacturing location in Port Richey FL. PITTSFORD, N.Y., Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aphex BioCleanse Systems Inc. (OTC: SNST) announces today that the Company is continuing the buildout and expanding production of its revolutionary non-alcohol, non-toxic...
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4 Deaths Linked to Methanol-based Hand Sanitizers in Two States (CBSNews).

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can help stop the coronavirus from spreading, but drinking the products turned out to be deadly for four people in two states. Health officials reported this week that 15 adults were poisoned in Arizona and New Mexico in May and June after drinking hand sanitizer.

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Caledonia Spirits is currently making another 1,500 units for first responders and the State of Vermont will be paying for the raw materials. To that end, the distillery’s team will be looking for more raw materials (glycerol and small bottles) so that it can keep the project going. If any businesses out there have large volumes of either, Caledonia Spirits is asking that they reach out at info@caledoniaspirits.com.

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